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We Safely remove


& Other Birds

Our comprehensive pest control services include BIRD pest control. We provide humane control methods that deter these birds away from your home.  We then can repair the damage caused by the birds to ensure that your home does not become a habitat for these birds in the future.




Southwest Florida is the perfect environment for birds of all species to thrive and survive.  There is an abundance of insects and food sources throughout our community. Unfortunately, birds often seek refuge in and around your home.  


Woodpeckers looking to build a home, for instance, can make holes in the fascia of your house and will establish a nest in preparation for their eggs.  These holes can result in unsightly damage to the exterior of your home.  Woodpeckers and other birds can perch on the top of your home as well, causing damage to your roofline and soffit areas.

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Bird Control Solutions By Personalized Pest Control

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Bird Proofing In Action