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With over 50 years of combined lawn and ornamental experience in Southwest Florida, Personalized Pest Control has the knowledge and local expertise to provide the residents of Naples with exceptional and effective lawn and landscaping service.


Our staff includes two local turf professionals with an unmatched understanding of the numerous microclimates, soil profiles, and turf conditions that will provide the greatest impact on your landscape’s health and aesthetics. Lawn and ornamental care can be a challenge in the Naples area, trust our experts to help your property achieve the look of year-round health and beauty!


Our custom lawn and landscape health care programs are guaranteed, as well as our commitment to personalized customer service and excellence. All programs are based on our initial assessment, soil testing and an inspection of your property’s environment and conditions to best match your overall expectations and maintain proper plant health. Our comprehensive services are proven to keep your Zoysia, Paspalum and Bermuda, Palms, Hardwood Trees, Ornamentals, Seasonable Annuals, Specialty Gardens and more healthy and happy.




Save your Lawn and Landscape


We offer a comprehensive treatment program for all your lawn and shrub pest control needs.

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“If your grass isn’t as green as golf course, call us!”


Palm Tree Treatments In Naples


While many palm species thrive without issue in Southwest Florida, the time may come where a palm tree becomes diseased or insect infested. Over the past decade, disease and insect-relates issues have increased and ravaged a devastatingly large number of palms in the Naples area. The widespread palm diseases that are frequently found across Southwest Florida include, Fusariam Wilt, Ganoderma, Trunk Rot, and Crown Rot.


Though not all palms are “curable,” they can be protected through proactive disease management and fertilization practices. This principal also reigns true when it comes to the prevention and control of insect infestation by Palm Weevils, Royal Palm Bug, Scale and Spiraling Whitefly.


Just like humans, providing your palms with a healthy environment and proper nourishment is the best defense to prevent disease and insect infestation. Although the use of insecticides and fungicides are key components to a Palm Tree’s health and appearance, proper fertilization is the most important part of protection.

Personalized Pest Control has created state of the art, custom nutrient nourishment programs to maintain the health of your Zoysia grass, or nourish diseased grass back to optimum health.


Beautiful, emerald colored Zoysia grass is just one benefit of owning a home in Southwest Florida. This thick, carpet-like grass is considered the most desirable because of its rich green color and plush appearance. As beautiful as this grass may be, it does require routine maintenance to ensure that it remains healthy and vibrant.


One of the most common problems associated with Zoysia grass is the dreaded “brown spot”, which is in fact a disease outbreak.  Unfortunately, Zoysia grass is the first species to go off-color in the fall and the last to green-up in the spring. If a brown patch occurs, the damage will be visible into the next summer. Because of the cyclical nature of Zoysia grass, it is important to treat preventively to ward off any potential disease.


Proper fertilization is vital for maintaining a healthy lawn. The process of fertilization influences the health and quality of the lawn and make it less vulnerable to several stresses including disease, weeds and insects.


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Palm Maintenance

 -  Fertilization

 -  White Fly Treatment

 -  Insect Control for chinch bugs, grubs and fire ants

 -  Fungus Control

 -  Weed Control

 -  Lawn / Turf -  Zoysia & St. Augustine

 -  Shrubs and Hedges

 -  Palms

 -  Hardwoods

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Our lawn and shrub pest control programs begin with an initial assessment of the integrity and condition of your turf and plant material.   Based on that assessment, a treatment program is recommended that is designed to promote a healthy landscape environment.

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Protect your plants against White Fly using our highly effective White Fly Treatment. We can successfully reverse white fly damage in 3 MONTHS with growth hormones, fertilizers and nutrients.


After a comprehensive examination of your shrubs, our professional pest control specialists will determine the best course of action to eliminate and control White Fly on your property. Realizing that all homes are different, our pest control professionals and can put together a program specific to your needs.