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Rodent Control

Rodents and rats can burrow into your home by way of small cracks, attics, garages and walls and quickly set up a home of their own. If you have a rat or rodent infestation, our team has the treatment you need to rid your home of these unwanted guests.


Fear your home is infested with rats? Common indicators of roof rat infestation include:

-       Rub marks

-       Droppings

-       Noises coming from walls (scratching, rustling, squeaking)

-       Damaged food containers or wires

-       Ammonia-like odor

Rodents can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare, with their ability to reproduce quickly, destroy personal property, scurry inside walls and above your head, and spread disease. It’s no surprise that Naples residents make rodent control a routine pest control priority.


The most common rats in Southwest Florida are palm rats, also known as roof rats. Fort Myers, Florida, located just north of Naples was ranked fifth in the nation for roof rat infestation.  Roof rats and similar rodents will seek entry into homes after resources and food sources are limited in their outdoor environment. Usually tree-dwelling, Roof Rats, are more likely to enter homes than other rodent species. These pests scurry across wires and trees to locate their point of entry, for instance, holes around vents, where cables enter buildings, or through turbine and box vents on the roof of a home or business.





Holes in roofline created by rodents


Roofline holes repaired

RODENT Control Station

Determined to give you peace of mind.



Act now. The presence of just one rat can lead to a population boom in a very short period. Though their lifespan is just 1 year, these creatures can create thousands of offspring in the same amount of time. If you believe you have a rodent problem, allow our experienced rodent removal technicians to inspect your property and create a custom rodent pest control plan specifically for your home and budget.