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WebWorm Problem?

With a very wet start to our rainy season you may have noticed many small moths flying low in and out of your lawn.  This is most likely a sign that your lawn is a host to Tropical Sod Webworms.   The damage and discoloration they cause does not take long so please contact us for a free inspection and to discuss treatment possibilities.  The current weather and conditions are very favorable for an increase in population density so don’t let your lawn go unprotected this summer. Found in the tropical climate of Florida, Chinch bugs are no laughing matter. In fact, they are dangerous creatures to your lawn and can kill it very fast. Prevention is the key for Chinch Bug control, however, if you have even a small patch of dead grass, it may be a sign of chinch bug infestation. Chinch bugs deprive your lawn of water and nutrients important for well maintained growth. Personalized Pest can kill the chinch bugs, treat your lawn for further outbreaks, and ensure you have a lush lawn for years to come with ongoing maintenance.




Tropical Sod WebWorms & Chinch Bugs